June 10, 2021

3 Essential Roof Repair Issues To Watch Out For During Summer

It’s starting to look a lot like summer here in Calgary. That means plenty of time outside - not counting the occasional storm. It’s a pretty stress-free time, and you might not be very worried about your roof.   After all, there’s no snow to cause ice dams, no falling leaves to clog up your eavestroughs, no spring maintenance to be done. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that summer is the one season that you don’t have to worry about your roof.   Sadly, roofs don’t take summer vacations. They’re protecting us from the sun, storms, and falling crabapples. That means there are some important issues you should be on the lookout for - issues that might require roof repairs.   

Dried out, cracked shingles

The first issue stems from what might be the best part of summer - the heat. As the hot sun bears down on asphalt shingles, they can begin to dry out. This is especially true if your attic isn’t very well insulated - the heat can get trapped, and cause your roof and attic to become hotter and hotter.   That, in turn, leads to shingles cracking. Cracked shingles lead to roof leaks, and roof leaks lead to all kinds of problems we’ll talk about in a bit.    Sometimes you can spot cracked shingles from the ground.  If there have been a number of really hot days in a row, and your attic is scorching, consider calling us - we can inspect your roof for any cracked shingles and give you some pointers on insulation.   

Damage from summer storms

We all know how hail and gale force winds can wreak havoc on our homes. Your roof is going to stop the brunt of that force - and that means it will take most of the damage. Couple that with the heavy branches and scattered debris that can careen into your roof, and you get a perfect storm (pun intended) for roof damage.   You should always check your roof for damage after a major storm. If you can’t see any, it’s still a good idea to ask a roofing company for an inspection. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the same company that inspected your roof after the storm to repair it - that can help you avoid conflicts of interest  

Plant growth

Plant growth problems take two forms - plants that grow on your roof, and plants that grow around your roof.   When your roof is both damp and hot in the summer, it creates a perfect environment for mould, moss, and algae to grow. They can be removed by a professional roofer. When you let them grow, they can add unnecessary weight to your roof, and increase the moisture levels, promoting leaks.    Mould is bad for its own reasons - you don’t want to breathe that stuff in.   Then there are the plants that grow around your roof. Crabapples and other fruits from fruiting trees can end up clogging your eavestroughs. While this happens more in early fall than the summer, it’s still worth thinking about on those sunny September days!   If you spot any damage to your roof, or you’re worried about roof damage, give us a call. We offer comprehensive roofing services in Calgary - including inspections and repairs. We offer emergency services too, so if there’s serious damage after a storm, call us right away!

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