June 15, 2021

3 Major Benefits Of New Windows In Your House

If the eyes are the window to the soul, and the inside of your home shows who you truly are, then windows are the eyes to the house. We’re pretty sure that analogy works well enough. It does start to break down pretty quickly, though. Getting new eyes is very hard - next to impossible! Getting new windows, on the other hand, is surprisingly easy - and it comes with a lot of benefits. We’re going to go over 3 of those benefits - though there are a lot more than 3. We’re going to skip the most obvious benefit - that they’ll make your home look nicer - because beauty is in the window of the beholder, if you catch our meaning. Without further ado (and with no more bad analogies), let’s dive in!  

You’ll have better control of your environment

Windows act as insulators - they’re a key part of what’s known as the building envelope. The building envelope is designed to, among other things, control the flow of air, heat, and moisture through your home. New windows are much better at stopping heat transfer than older windows. Better still, they can be customized to your climate. Triple pane windows can be a particularly good choice in Calgary, because of how cold it can get in the winter. You’ll have more control over your home’s temperature - which means a more comfortable living space.  Triple pane windows have another advantage - they can create an excellent sound barrier. This is a great option if you live close to high traffic areas and you want some noise reduction. Finally, new windows are a wonderful option if you have dust allergies. Back in the day, blinds and shades in homes were outside the window. Today, you can get what are known as between-the-glass blinds. That means no dust will gather on the blinds from your home, and that dust won’t fly into the air when you open and close your blinds.  

You’ll make money

A bold claim, but one that can be true - if you know what you’re doing. New windows in calgary can seriously reduce your energy consumption. That barrier to heat transfer we were talking about earlier? It means your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. That means you’ll be paying less money on your heating and cooling each year - stay in your house for long enough, and you may be able to more than offset the cost of new windows. And that’s not all. When you sell your home, you can advertise that you have new, state-of-the-art windows. New windows tend to recoup about 75% of their cost when the home is sold. Couple that with their energy efficiency and the boost to your curb appeal, and you have an excellent selling point.  

They’re low maintenance

We’ve already talked about the between-the-glass blinds. They’re a great low-maintenance feature - no more washing blinds! You can opt for vinyl frames for your windows. They’re exceptionally easy to clean, and don’t carry the risk of mould that wooden frames do. To top it all off, you can get tilt-in sashes for easy access to exterior glass. No more having to stand on a ladder outside to wash your windows! As you can see, there are plenty of excellent reasons to get new windows. All that, without even touching on curb appeal! Who doesn’t want gorgeous new bay windows? Want to talk about which windows might be right for you? Martens Contracting is here to assist. Give us a call - we can help you install the right windows for your home!

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