May 20, 2021

3 Things To Do With Your Windows In Order To Keep Your Home Safe

Windows are an important part of any home. They allow natural light in, and they allow you to take in the outside world. Unfortunately, they also allow the outside world to take in your home. And windows are a common entry point for burglars. Security systems are useful for deterring criminals, but some homeowners want additional security. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can protect your home by adding security features to your windows. In this brief post, we’ll look at three of the best ways you can secure your windows:  

Install security bars

Security bars are the most cost effective way of protecting your windows. You can install bars horizontally or vertically. You can also install window security grids. The bars and grids come in a variety of different materials, colours, and styles, so you’ll almost certainly be able to find something that suits your home’s aesthetic.   These security bars and grids all come with a release mechanism, but it’s next to impossible for a would-be burglar to reach it. Metal bars are preferred to plastic bars as they’re more difficult to break.    Both bars and grids are relatively easy to install - you’ll need power tools, but it’s a project most DIYers should be able to accomplish in an afternoon.  

Use window security film

Of course, not everyone wants bars covering their windows. They can make it harder to see outside, and they certainly alter your home’s aesthetic - some people like bars, some people don’t.   If for any reason bars don’t work for you, window security film is a great alternative. Security film strengthens glass, so that most initial impacts won’t shatter it sufficiently for a burglar to get in. You can get films that are completely transparent, or tinted films. Security films can also be used to block solar heat gain, so they can play an important role in home insulation.   They aren’t perfect, however. Burglars won’t know that the film is there, so it won’t serve as a visual deterrent. Additionally, a very determined burglar (or one who takes a very well-placed shot at your window) could still get in.    It’s best to get window film professionally installed to avoid any bubbles or creases.  

Get unbreakable window glass

Truth be told, this “glass” isn’t really glass at all - it is, however, a transparent material that can be used in windows. Materials like polycarbonate and acrylic can be used to create a window that’s effectively unbreakable. It isn’t often to replace your windows - rather, it’s installed in order to reinforce the glass of your windows. You’ll need a contractor to help you install unbreakable glass. As exterior contractors in Calgary, we can help you with many of the projects related to installing windows. Have a project in mind? Give us a call! We may be able to help. For a Calgary roofer choose Martens Contracting.

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