Want to know how to find a roofing contractor in Calgary?

We’ve got good news. We’re a Calgary roofing contractor! You’ve found us! Congratulations!

We’re half kidding, of course. This wouldn’t be much of a blog if we just said “choose us” and left it at that. So we’re going to give you a more comprehensive look at how to find the right contractor for you. Let’s get started.


Get a referral

The easiest way to find a roofing contractor – and perhaps the most reliable – is to ask your family and friends. Who have they used to repair their old roof or to install a new one? How was the experience? What were the prices like?


Referrals are great because, while Google reviews can be gamed to a certain extent, word-of-mouth can’t be. When you ask someone you trust to recommend a contractor, they’ll give you an honest answer. 


Google is your friend

You probably found this article on Google – and lo-and-behold, you found a roofing contractor. 

Google is a great way to find contractors. What it’s not good for, however, is telling you which contractors are the best. Reviews are helpful – while gameable, they’re accurate for the most part. You should dig a bit deeper, however. Ask the contractor for testimonials – talk to the folks who gave testimonials if you can. 


Use business directories

You can check business directories like the YellowPages – yes, believe it or not, they still exist. You can also try the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Business directories are kind of like Google, except not as efficient, so this isn’t our preferred route unless you want to go old school.


The best directory of them all might be the Better Business Bureau. To make your life easier, that link takes you directly to the Roofing Contractors in Calgary page of their website. We’re on that list, and we’re proud of our rating – though depending on your location, you may not see us on the first page.


Take your time

There are a lot of roofing contractors out there – so take your time! Look at their work, reviews, and testimonials. Compare prices. Tell them about your project, and ask them how they’d handle it and how long it would take. The buyer has all the power – wait until you’ve found the contractor that’s right for you.


We hope these tips help you find the contractor who best suits your needs. We’re a company of professional roofers in Calgary, so we might just fit the bill. If you’re curious about our services and you’d like to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


We have testimonials, we’re in great standing with the BBB, and we’re more than happy to go over any questions you may have. We’d love to help you with your next project.

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