November 3, 2020
Things To keep In Mind When Buying The Right Windows For Your Home

A guide to window shopping seems like a bad idea. It’s not that difficult - you glance through the window of a shop, stare longingly at things you can’t afford, then move on your way when the store owner walks outside and gives you an impatient “Can I help you?”.   …Oh, you’re looking for […]

October 29, 2020
5 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Your roof protects your house - but who protects your roof?  Roofs are, of course, designed to be self-protecting to a certain extent - clad in moisture and damage resistant shingles or tiles, angled just so to allow water to run into your eavestroughs, vulnerable points guarded by metal flashing. They are, to some extent, […]

September 11, 2020
3 Common Problems Caused By Poor Window Installation

There are so many different signs that your windows weren’t properly installed it would be impossible to list them all. Messy caulking, condensation between the panes, and gaps between the frame and window sill are all hints that the installation wasn’t done with care and consideration.   Improperly installed windows cause problems - problems that […]

August 24, 2020
Why Maintaining A Healthy Pipe System Is Critical To Your Roof’s Health

As you learn more about home building and home improvement, you come to realize how all of the parts of your home interact. Plumbing and roofing are a perfect example of two things you probably don’t naturally link together - yet both work in tandem to keep your home safe and secure. In this piece, […]

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