September 10, 2021

Can Fallen Leaves Damage Your Roof?

Fall is here - and it wouldn’t be fall without falling leaves. The changing colours are beautiful, and while raking leaves up can be a bit of a chore, many of us have fond memories of jumping into huge piles of leaves as kids. They’re pretty soft, they’re incredibly light - they’re like the snowflakes of autumn.   So they couldn’t possibly damage your roof - right?   Not so fast. The snowflake analogy still applies here. One fallen leaf? No problem. Hundreds? Thousands? Now you’re running into a lot of mass - and that can cause some serious problems.   There are a few ways that fallen leaves can damage your roof - let’s take a look at a few of them now:  

They can clog your gutters

The biggest problem with fallen leaves? They clog your gutters. Clogged gutters can do harm in a lot of ways. They can lead to water spilling over and pooling near your foundation. They can also lead to water pooling below your roof - and that dampness can lead to serious water damage and leaks over time.   Things get worse. When your gutters are clogged with leaves in the winter, water that pools in the gutters can freeze. That can lead to ice dams, which weigh down the gutters - and can eventually lead to them violently tearing away from the roof. That can cause major damage.   And all of this clogging starts with a few innocuous leaves.  

They promote water damage, too

When leaves fall on your roof, they usually start dry. But leaves are incredibly good at soaking up moisture - a bit of rainfall, and you basically have sponges sitting on top of your roof.    That can lead to parts of your roof getting damper and damper - especially if there are already damaged or missing shingles in that area. Eventually, those spots may start to leak - and now you’ve got water damage.   Depending on the roofing system you have, water damage can also occur when damp leaves block your drainage, or cause water to pool in certain areas.   Water damage is a serious problem - leaky roofs come with a number of dangers, including insulation damage, fire hazards, and more.   

Things are getting heavy

Fallen leaves can become very heavy as they accumulate and grow damp. Your roof is designed to handle a lot of weight - that’s why it doesn’t collapse under the weight of the snow each year. The problem with leaves is that the weight is usually distributed unevenly throughout the roof - and that can lead to a bit of sagging.   Sagging can be a huge problem, because water and small objects will flow and roll towards the sagging area. That leads to more weight, which leads to more sagging, until eventually, you’ve got a hole in your roof.   

Don’t leave leaves be!

Now you know that those sweet, innocent leaves were hiding a terrible secret - they can devastate your roof. Don’t let them build up on your roof. Clean your gutters and your roof of any leaves before the winter hits.   If you don’t want to do it alone, you can get help from Calgary roofing companies, who will clean and inspect your roof in one go. And, as luck would have it, we’re a Calgary roofing company!    Okay, it’s not luck - it’s design. If you need your roof cleaned, inspected, or repaired, we’re here for you. Get those leaves gone!   

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