May 15, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone From The Community For Your Gutter Problems

You’d be surprised at the number of problems that can plague gutters. They can start to sag, clog, and even rip away from your home. They can get punctured - and when water is seeping out of holes in your gutters, the gutters have lost most of their use. They can also be improperly pitched or positioned.    They may even just need to be cleaned.   In any of these cases, you’re better off hiring a local professional than someone from out-of-town. Let’s take a look at why:  

Local knowledge is essential

If you don’t live in Calgary, it can be hard to understand our weather. Sunny one moment, torrential downpours the next. Gutters need to be built for the incredible sudden shifts in weather we can have here. They need to be able to resist snow, hail, heavy winds, rain, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at us. Contractors from gentler climes might not have the knowledge you need to get the best system installed.   Local knowledge also means a measure of preparedness. When the forecast calls for storms, your local eavestrough repair company is going to take precautions, like calling in extra staff and having technicians on call and at the ready. They’ll also be used to working with local insurance companies, and may be able to process payments more quickly.   

Accountability is important

When you’re working with a contractor who does business around North America, you’re working with someone who has a very large client base. This can mean that your opinion of their work matters less - in other words, they can afford to be less accountable for their work. After all, even if they have to close up shop from the bad reviews where you live, they’ve got plenty of other business elsewhere.   Local contractors work hard for your business. They don’t have clients in another city - so they need to protect their reputation. The best way for a company to protect its reputation is to provide customer service that’s consistently better than expected, all while keeping rates low.   

Promoting local businesses feels good

When you shop locally, you do your community good. You’re providing jobs for people who live in your city. And local businesses give back to the community because they’re part of the community. That means you can expect local businesses to support local charities and other volunteer initiatives.    Many people think of local restaurants and makers when they think of shopping locally. Working with local professionals is just as useful! Whether it be to get your gutters repaired or to have your air conditioning fixed, you’re supporting your neighbours when you hire someone from the community.   We offer eavestrough installation in Calgary. And, as you can probably guess from this article, we are a Calgary-based business. So if you need repairs or replacement, give us a call!  For a Calgary roofer choose Martens Contracting

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