Cladding Installation And Repair

Your home’s cladding does a lot – it protects you from the elements, it insulates your home, and it adds curb appeal. Now that you know what your cladding can do for you, it’s time to tell you what we can do for your cladding.

We offer comprehensive cladding services in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our services include cladding repair, installation, replacement, and more.  You can trust our team of experts and our decades of experience. We work with steel, aluminum, and other metal claddings, and we serve both residential and commercial customers in Calgary.

Cladding Repairs

With the weather we have in Calgary, it’s no surprise that exterior cladding needs routine maintenance and repairs. You can trust Martens Contracting to repair all forms of exterior cladding, including roof cladding, siding, capping for windows and doors, and more. Our experienced contractors will work quickly and efficiently. We make the process as simple as possible, so you can get back to what matters.

Cladding Installation

New cladding can protect your home or business from the elements – and make it look better than new. We install cladding for windows and doors, as well as exterior cladding and roof cladding. Door and window cladding reduces maintenance and improves longevity for wooden doors and windows, while new roof and exterior cladding can change the entire aesthetic of your building.

We have decades of experience installing all kinds of cladding. You can count on us.

Cladding Replacement

Old cladding is more prone to damage, might be inefficiently protecting your building – and it may not look great. When your cladding is past the point of repairing, we offer cladding replacement. We can replace all types of exterior cladding, and with the wide selection of materials and manufacturers available, we can replace your old cladding with almost anything you like.

We can try to match your old cladding as best we can, or we can give your building a completely new look. The choice is yours – and whatever you choose, you’ll be backed by our decades of experience, as well as our workmanship and manufacturer warranties. 

Cladding vs Siding

Technically, cladding is any material applied over another to provide a layer of protection. That’s why there’s roof cladding (like shingles), window and door cladding, as well as exterior cladding.

Exterior cladding and siding are used interchangeably a lot of the time, but there are differences. While siding is applied directly to the exterior wall, cladding is applied in multiple layers and is separated from the wall by furring strips.

Cladding is also thicker and allows for better moisture resistance. For these reasons, exterior cladding is usually preferred to siding in Calgary – our extreme weather warrants an extra level of protection.

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Need your cladding repaired or replaced? Looking to have new cladding installed? Get in touch with us. We’ve served Calgary and the surrounding area for decades – and we’ll be happy to help you improve your home or business with better cladding.

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