Roof Replacement

Your roof protects your home or business. A good roof can last you for decades – but eventually, all good things come to an end. When your roof is beyond the point that it can be repaired, and you need a replacement, you can trust Martens Contracting.

We’ve been doing roof repairs in Calgary and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We’ll give you an honest assessment of whether or not a replacement is required – sometimes, a repair will keep your roof going for a few more years.

When it is time for a replacement, we’ll go over all of your roofing options with you. You may want the same materials that were used in your old roof, or you might want something different. Whatever you choose, you’re in good hands. We know that Calgary has some of the harshest weather in Canada. We’ll choose roofing materials that are up to the task of keeping you safe.

We provide detailed inspections, coupled with easy to understand reports, so you know exactly why your roof needs to be replaced. We’ll talk with you to determine your budget – from there, we’ll provide a few quotes, so that you can choose the roofing materials that best suit your needs and your price point.

Our philosophy is simple – well-informed customers make the best decisions. We’ll answer any questions you might have about our process or materials. We believe in quality services, too – that’s why we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all of our roof replacements. And with our well established roots in Calgary, we can get high-quality roofing materials at a lower cost than our competitors.

Choose a well-built, durable roof for your Calgary home or business. Choose Martens Contracting.

Signs your roof needs replacement

If you’re not an experienced roofing contractor, it can be difficult to tell whether your roof needs to be replaced or simply repaired. A few missing shingles can easily be replaced – but if your shingles are getting old, replacement is the best option.

Signs your roof needs to be replaced include:

  • Drooping and sagging
  • Large holes and visible damage from fallen objects
  • There are a lot of granules in the gutter (a sign of old shingles)
  • There’s been serious water damage
  • There’s structural damage

If you’ve had a lot of problems (such as leaks) with a roof that was recently installed, it may also be a sign of poor installation. Call us. We’ll inspect your roof and determine whether or not replacement is the best option.

Average replacement cost

The average cost for replacing a roof in Calgary is $6000-$10,000. The actual price will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • The size of your roof
  • The number of stories your building has
  • The complexity of your roof
  • The type of material you choose
  • The quality of material you choose

When you call Martens Contracting for a roof replacement, we’ll give you a detailed quote including costs for parts and labour. We can offer you multiple quotes if you’re deciding between different roofing materials.

Trust the experts

We have over 20 years replacing roofing in Calgary, and we’re proud to serve both commercial and residential customers. We’ll give you a thorough assessment of your roof’s current condition, and an honest evaluation of whether you need your roofing to be repaired or replaced.

Need to make an insurance claim for your roof replacement? You can count on us. We give detailed inspection reports that you can show your insurer when you make your claim. Not sure how to make a claim, or worried about disputes? We’ve got you covered. We can discuss the claim with your insurer directly. That’s the power of expertise.

Get a quote today

Your roof protects your building – if you leave it damaged for too long, problems can quickly spread. Don’t delay; get a quote from us today! With our free quotes, you’ll know exactly what kind of replacement is right for your needs and your budget.

Trust Martens Contracting for your commercial and residential roof replacement. We know Calgary – we’ll find the best roofing system for you. Give us a call today.

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