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Window Installation And Replacement

At Martens Contracting, we provide high-quality roof installation and repair for residential and commercial customers. We’ve made our reputation tackling big, challenging projects, and by always being available for emergency services when disaster strikes. 

We pride ourselves on our roofing services. We know Calgary, and we’ll be able to help you choose the right roofing materials for your home and business. Whether you’re looking for repair or installation, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. And with our precise, transparent, and competitive pricing, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

Looking for high-quality window installation in Calgary? Come to Martens Contracting. We know that homeowners are looking for a contractor who treats their home with respect – wanting fast, efficient, and friendly window installation, expertly done.

Business owners are looking for the very same things. They need cost-effective and efficient window installation. They require assurances of quality workmanship – mistakes are not an option.

Our contractors are well-qualified and bonded. Most importantly, they’re experts when it comes to window installation.

If you’re thinking of buying windows, you’re in the right place. There are plenty of reasons to make the switch – and Martens can help. Let’s learn more:

Why get new windows?

Our clients come to us for new windows for a variety of reasons. Some of them are looking to upgrade their home or commercial property, while others are looking to replace broken or defective windows.

If your windows are old, out of date, or not providing the protection you need, it might be time to get new ones.

New windows are more energy efficient

Windows are a key part of the building envelope – the parts of a building that keep the outdoor climate out, and the indoor climate in. If a single part of your building’s envelope is weak, it compromises the entire envelope – heat will pass through whatever weak points it can.

Old windows are usually a lot less resistant to heat transfer. That means your old windows could be leaving you colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Not ideal for Calgary’s extreme weather conditions!

By getting new windows, you’ll increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Because high-quality windows reduce heat transfer, you’ll spend less on heating and air conditioning every year – over time, the reduction in energy costs could pay for the windows themselves! And when you throw energy efficiency grants into the mix – well, let’s say it’s a great window of opportunity.

We go beyond traditional window insulation by using foam insulation to fill the gap between the jamb and the wall framing. This had been a weak point in old school window installation – with modern insulating techniques, we’ve found a solution!

Replace your damaged windows

Damaged windows cause all kinds of problems. Water and air can pass through, wreaking havoc on a building’s interior. They can be a security concern, too – damaged windows can be a sign to criminals that a building isn’t being taken care of, which can lead to vandalism and theft.

We can install windows of all kinds, so no matter what shapes and sizes your old, damaged windows were, we can replace them. Also, the new windows we’ll install will likely have increased energy efficiency and be more secure.

Prevent damage to your building’s interior

Old windows can be prone to leaking. Those leaks might not seem like much at first, but over time they can lead to serious water damage. By replacing your old windows, you’ll stop the leaks – and you can rest assured that new leaks won’t spring up any time soon.

We waterproof your windows by installing a flashing membrane on the window sill. We also tape the windows with a sealing tape to ensure no water can pass through.

New windows are more secure

Back in the day, windows were relatively easy to break into – they were weak points in home security. Modern windows have better locks and upgraded structural strength. That means whether through lock-picking or brute force, criminals will have a very hard time entering through your new secure windows!

Bring more natural light into your building

New windows can be installed almost anywhere – even where there were no windows before! Whether you’re looking to install new windows, or put bigger windows where your old windows used to be, we can help.

Natural light can help you save on energy costs. It means you’ll need to use fewer electric lights, and it can also add solar gain that will keep your home warmer in the winter.

Increase the value of your building

At resale, buildings with new windows can fetch a premium on the market. And when you get the well-insulated, high-quality workmanship of windows installed by Martens Contracting, you’ll have something to brag about when it comes time to sell.

Why get skylights?

We’re proud to install skylights as well as windows. Many buildings in Calgary could benefit from new skylights – they’re a really phenomenal addition, and they come with a lot of upsides.

Skylights are beautiful

Gazing up at the sky, rain or shine, can bring a sense of peace and tranquility. Skylights let you do just that. They can make a room feel more spacious, and they serve as a fantastic form of decor.

They add value to your building

Just like new windows can help your building fetch a premium on the market, so too will skylights increase your building’s value.

That is, if they’re properly installed.

We’re skylight installation pros – you won’t need to worry about leaks. Our workmanship speaks for itself – you’ll get a hassle free, unique feature in your building.

You can open skylights for fresh air

Rooms on the upper floor can get stuffy – heat rises, after all. Skylights help to curb that problem. You can open them up, allowing hot air to escape and cool air to flow through. It’s like having a window on your roof – perfect for comfort in the hot Calgary summer,

Solar heating

Skylights keep you cool in the summer, and warmer the rest of the year! They provide solar heating – the heat from the sun’s rays can pass through when they’re closed, but air cannot. That’ll keep you warmer almost all year round – solar rays can even pass through some snow!

How is window installation done?

We install all of our windows and skylights carefully. We begin by pre-planning the installation, ensuring that the window will fit perfectly. From there, we install with as few disruptions to your home or business as possible – we can work around your schedule. When we’re done, your windows and skylights will be well-insulated and protected against inclement weather and other environmental factors.

What we install

Windows and skylight installations are two of our specialties – they’re the most popular exterior residential services we offer.  We can install windows and skylights of any kind – just give us a call!

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